Saturday, February 15, 2020

Gud Fadur

Gud Fadur

Dear Ian,

You always referred to God as "Spirit,"  Not as a man-image, but a vast, luminous and invisible energy field of LOVE. What a lovely mind you have to imagine God just so....but you were never a parent, sweetie.

Instead, sometimes I think that God is the tired parent 
of a bunch 
of errant children.

Partly baked

Maybe, He watches and listens patiently
 with a tired smile
 but also an eye-twinkle as....
(for instance) 
one rebellious earth-cookie child
  spews on about civil rights and nihilism.

He also listens and watches the legalistic little brat
 who won't play with anyone outside their group
 and the kid in the corner
 who wants in....

To the one who wants to kick Muslims out and require only Christian prayer in school. He listens to little girls who worry about their weight and don't know their worth..... and the ones who won't shave their legs and march around with pink vagina hats and rant about equal rights.

He watches with the same loving eye.....
 The ones that smoke weed and drive too fast,
 And the ones that drive everyone mad,
The ones driven,
And the ones with no drive at all.

 The ones that read and the ones that only watch TV.

Maybe He knows they're all wrong, 
But also they're all right
 And it doesn't really matter anyway....

Because He loves them all so fucking much.

Like most of us Moms and Dads
He just can't help Himself.

Like a Mamma dog that isn't mad when her pup runs off
 but just brings it back
 and licks
 all over.

When I think About God like that, everything makes more sense.
  Yeah, I like that idea.   



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