Thursday, December 25, 2014

Contemplating The Lord's Prayer on Christmas Night

Ten years ago, I saw this "light pillar"  as I read the book of John from my little travel Bible in a cozy cabin in Colorado. I had never seen a light pillar, and had to do some research to find out that this is a natural phenomenon that requires clouds and special angles and....all that scientific stuff. This one seemed to appear in an unobstructed, cloudless sky at dawn.  I promise this photo is unedited and completely real. I can still feel the thunderous pumping of my heart as I gazed at this wonder through tear-filled eyes moments after reading the words...."In the beginning there was light....". This is one of the many reasons I believe in an omnipotent, love-struck, kind, approachable, humorous, delightful God. He gives me these moments as I rock little bread crumbs on my meandering path through the woods of this grand life......

So tonight, alone in my little house and missing my recently scurried adult children with so much yearning that my chest literally aches, I began to think about the Lord's Prayer. I have always thought it interesting that Jesus was so specific about how to pray this prayer, even though He generally was very allegorical and metaphorical in his words. This time He said..."DO IT THIS WAY". So I went line and pondered what it meant to me...and this is what I came up with...

The Lord's Prayer                                         A Plea for Help from My Dad

Our Father, Who art in Heaven                           Dad, You smile and offer us a perfect world.
Hallowed be thy name                                       I SEE you and I am in AWE.
Thy Kingdom come                                           Love beyond imagining is within our touch, so
Thy will be done                                                Show us, teach us, give us this perfect love.
On Earth as it is in Heaven.                                Your love can change everything for us NOW.
Give us this day our daily  bread                         I’ll stop struggling to do it myself;  cause I can’t;
And forgive us our trespasses                            And I’ll stop trying to be perfect, cause I am not;
As we forgive those who trespass against us We'll love and forgive other struggling fools, and
And lead us not into temptation Calm and clear our silly, busy, human minds,
But deliver us from evil                                     So we can stop hurting ourselves and You.
For Thine is the Kingdom                                  Your Love is the solution to emptiness,
And the power                                                  And Your kind of Love is very strong.
And the glory                                                   When we finally come to You we will KNOW
For Ever and Ever, Amen.                                 Real happiness and unbelievable peace, Amen.

Jesus                                                                       A foolish girl visiting Colorado

Merry Christmas!