Sunday, February 15, 2009

God in the details

God has been quiet lately; you know what I seems that sometimes, when my restless heart is tantruming for answers about what it going wrong in my life...God just gets so quiet. Deep, intensely quiet. Quiet like snow. So, this morning I was in that mood, moping about my house and wondering for the millionth time if God is REALLY out there. I know deep down inside that He is, but when I am hurting or lonely, or just frustrated God becomes more elusive.

I prayed, talked to my neighbor (she traded me eggs for some cobbler) and my friend Kim called to help me get going with my blog site. She guided me through the steps and sent me a picture to post so I could learn how to add pictures.

Kim has an eye for beauty. Lovely, delicate pretties of all sorts; jewelry, decorations, photos, always elegant and cool. She sent a picture that she grabbed up randomly from her thousands and sent it to my blog. I studied it and loved the tiny embroidered details and creamy swirling colors. Van Gogh and Renoir and Grandma.

I just smiled and remembered that when God gets really quiet, maybe I need to quit tantruming and get quiet too. Invariably, There He will be, in the loving help of my friend Kim or the swirling colors of an eccentric ring. It is a huge relief to me that my God loves art, blesses friendship, and moves in close whenever I stop and just enjoy the little miracles.

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  1. You did very good my dearest friend ... swirling with goodness and love yourself!

    (and you twittered! ;)